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Pawsitively Enriching Pet Care

Give your pets the care they deserve

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Why Pawsitively Enriching Pet Care?

I believe pets enrich our lives and we can enrich theirs. I help compassionate, dedicated pet owners go from feeling guilty to experiencing serenity and transform troubled dogs into thriving dogs through pawsitively enriching pet care and supportive dog training.

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In-Home Pet Care

It isn't easy to leave your pet(s) behind when you go on a trip without feeling guilty. Pawsitively Enriching Pet Care provides daily updates and the highest quality of care to allow you to enjoy your vacation or be present for work. Boarding facilities are not always the best option for every dog/cat and there are few facilities equipped to care for pets outside of cats and dogs. Pawsitively Enriching Pet Care is the perfect choice for dogs with behavioral concerns and provides unique, personalized care for every pet.

Dog Training

New puppy? Adolescent dog? An old dog that needs to learn some new tricks? Just adopted dog? Therapy dog or service dog to be? Anxious dog? Reactive dog? Aggressive dog? Bored dog? Fearful dog? We've got you covered! Currently only offering private consults/training.

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Ian Dunbar

"When I'm training a dog, I develop a relationship with that dog. He's my buddy, and I want to make training fun."

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