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Making training fun and rewarding and providing the best care, tailored to you and your pet's needs.

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Helping puppy owners overcome puppy problems so that they can avoid future behavioral problems and ­­­have a happy, healthy, well-behaved, trustworthy companion as part of the family for many years to come.

Helping dog owners overcome their dog’s bad habits and poor listening skills so that they can improve their quality of life at home, trust their dog in public, and feel confident with their dog off-leash.

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Training Questionnaire

If you are interested in a training program but are not sure which is the right for for you and your dog, download and fill out this questionnaire, then send it to

Pet Care Questionnaire

If you are interested in pet care and pricing, please download and fill out this questionnaire, then send it to

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Leave It to the Expert


Overnight In-Home Care


Dog/Cat: $75 per night (rate may differ if pets require constant supervision, can not be left more than 1-2 hours at a time, or have specific special needs)

Each additional dog/cat: $5 per night

Additional small animal: FREE​

Deposit:  Due to increased demand, upon booking overnight care, 50% of the cost of the care is due as a deposit. If the care needs to be canceled, it should be done within two weeks of the scheduled start date of care and the deposit will be credited to future care. If the care occurs over a holiday and is canceled, 50% of the deposit will be forfeited and the remaining 50% of the deposit will be credited to future care.

*A travel fee may be added if travel exceeds 10 miles for any services.

* A daycare fee may be added for care exceeding 24 hour increments.



Daily Care Visits


A drop in visit during the day to check on your pet(s) to provide a bathroom break and/or a litterbox cleaning, feeding, water change/fill, and 15 minute enrichment activity. Starts at $20.

*Pricing based on travel radius of 10 miles or less and hour duration

*Package Pricing Available

*Holiday charge may apply

Vet Visit: If a vet visit is required during in-home care, a daily care visit, and/or a walk/enrichment, a $25 fee will be added, and the owner will be responsible for the vet charges. If it is an emergency visit, there will be no additional fee.


Walks and Enrichments


$25 Basic Walk

$35 Extended Walk

$40 Training Walk

$5 per additional dog, max of 3 dogs

*Pricing based on a travel radius of 10 miles or less

*Package Pricing Available

*NO PRONG, PINCH, CHOKE, OR SHOCK COLLARS. Front clip harnesses or gentle leads are mandatory for training walks.

Enrichment Visits

Whether your dog does not do well on or enjoy walks,  the weather conditions are hazardous for your dog, or your dog needs a little variety in their life, these visits are sure to enrich your dog’s day. These visits can be done indoors or outdoors. 

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Need a Handler for an event or wedding?

Call us to discuss the details of your event and how we can help!

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